Our capabilities are limitless. This bold statement is backed up by years of experience, a rich portfolio of unique work, and a highly advanced production facility equipped with the latest technology.

You could say that it was inevitable that we would create a company with a mission to preserve and revive restoration methods and to forge a team of professionals with unique skills.

We have chosen to focus on two main areas: working with natural stone and artistic non-ferrous metalworking. By stubbornly adhering to our own professional principles, we always achieve our desired objectives.

The main ingredient of our success is the people who make up our team of like-minded associates. The atmosphere of trust and respect at our workplace has attracted those who have made restoration and creating artistic masterpieces their life.

When we first went into business, our company devoted much of its efforts to the revival of old marble-working techniques. Then we began to introduce new technologies. Now we harmoniously combine both time-honoured and cutting-edge stonemasonry techniques in our work. As a result, our carving is flawless, and we are proud of what we do. Our stone-carving school is famous around the world.

Years ago, we simply laid foundations for the construction of fireplaces. Today, we have a school for the architectural design of products made of marble and metal, where our architects are familiar with all the intricacies of this complex process.

We used to add brass accents to marble fireplaces. Now, in addition to such decorative brass details, we manufacture many other products from non-ferrous metals. Our company also houses a school for artistic non-ferrous metalworking, including work in bronze and brass.

We never rest on our laurels. Every year sees the successful completion of new projects.

Twenty-five years is not a short time for a company to be in business. The master craftsmen who were there when the company was founded are still here today. Today they share their experience, professional skills, quality criteria, and aesthetic standards with a new generation. That is why we call it a school.

As before, everything is based on our inner need to make the world a more beautiful place.
Elena Zemlyanichkina